A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back...)


Work Can Make Ya Hungry

Today was a day of Stress Tests in the real world. A very difficult day as we struggle to understand some quality issues with one of our largest customers. The VP was involved so that can always add a level of stress. And I am a stress eater.

With all the food around the offices it is easy to fall off the straight and narrow under the best of circumstances. With all the stress today it would have been a perfect set off circumstances….

I behaved.

I avoided giving in

I consider today a major victory.

Not giving in. Not gulping down a donut. A bagel. Cheese puffs, Cookies….. All available and plentiful….

Proud of me today.

I did eat lunch today. I had a little sushi box from the Korean Market across the tracks from work. Three-hundred and fifty calories… Very tasty. Not…

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