Garden gallery: June bursts forth


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7 Responses to Garden gallery: June bursts forth

  1. Beautiful photos. I love the riot of colour. And I’ll have to get some tips from you on how to get photos of butterflies before they fly away!

  2. jayjaydeepee says:

    That’s a fine selection of flora and fauna – I especially like the enkianthus, and the dragonfly and butterfly.
    Bluebells have only got going in the past fortnight in Kent – I’ve never known them so late. I’m just back from the Cotswolds, where I saw plenty of bluebells too.
    I wish you plenty of happy days in the garden (I’m resting after mowing the lawns).

    • Diggitydigg says:

      Thank you! That’s amazingly late for bluebells. Everything is so behind, but it’s made for some different flower combinations. Glad you like the enkianthus – it’s never flowered this well before, and it took me literally two weeks to remember its name!

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