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Storm after storm has been sweeping in from the Atlantic, bringing down trees, power lines and Christmas plans, before flouncing off into the North Sea.    The odd day of sunshine has been quickly erased by the next low.  To quote an old song, the rain has come down and floods have come up.

It’s a suitably symbolic end to a rather turbulent year, which has seen joy and awfulness, sunshine and storm, scudding across the skies of life.

It’s brought to mind a prayer from a beautiful book purchased years ago on the storm-lashed Scottish island of Iona:

“In these last days storm has assailed us.

Greyness has enveloped and mist surrounded

Our going out and our coming in.”

I don’t agree with every line in it (you can read it here), as I don’t think darkness is necessarily sent for our own good.  But I love its cry:   “Show to us the glory in the grey”.

Have a happy new year – whether you’re being pounded by storms or enjoying a brief respite between them.   Here’s to looking for the glory in the grey as 2014 unfolds.