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Live, love, lobby: Fighting back against Trump

The atmosphere was not unlike a carnival.  We jostled, we smiled.  We read each other’s signs and laughed out loud.   It was a great meeting of minds and of witty slogans. One man bearing relevant sections of the US declaration … Continue reading

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In memoriam: Cohen, democracy and decency

Who would have thought there would be a week in which the death of Leonard Cohen was not the saddest thing to have happened to the world. But round about the same time that Cohen was presenting his broken body … Continue reading

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Brexit: A bluffer’s guide to saving the nation

Amid all the Brexit claim and counter-claim, here’s a single, scary, incontrovertible fact.  That on the day after Britain leaves the EU in 2019 (let’s call it B-Day+1), not a single British firm can tell you the terms on which … Continue reading

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Sticks and stones: Trying to stop the Brexit crash

The worst insult that can now be hurled at anyone in Brexit Britain is the shocking assertion that they are a member of the “liberal elite”.   Well let me raise my “liberal elitist” hand to try to explain why we … Continue reading

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Ten reasons why it’s OK to fight Brexit

Article 50 will be triggered by March 2017, says PM Theresa May, setting the UK onto an irreversible journey out of the European Union and into the unknown. Is it undemocratic to want the Brexit vote reversed and the triggering … Continue reading

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From Babylon to Brussels: Why some Christians voted to leave the EU

The rag-tag army which won the Brexit vote was made up of many battalions:  the rampant racists, the anti-Westminster protest voters, earnest people with random concerns about bees, accounts and deportation policy, even those trying to send a posthumous two-fingered … Continue reading

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Friends, racists, countrymen

OK so I finally get how it feels to have lost your country.   Brexit has introduced me to a whole set of emotions – mainly depression, but also anger, despair, hopelessness and bewilderment.  Sometimes we simply don’t know how much … Continue reading

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